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Vision is our passion!

We are two enterpreneurs from Darmstadt who wanted to combine our technical knowledge and love for visual media with remarkable views from above as well as close to the subject when founding our company in 2016. 

Thanks to longtime practical experience and know-how we can ensure our responsibility while shooting and increase our safety-standard day after day. Working close with clients and public authorities we let your vision come to life.


A → 001_ Team

We are an international team of people with various skills. Together with our Tools we are able to deliver uncommon and extraordinary perspectives.

Felix Heinemeyer
CEO, Partner, DOP
Alexey Vasyunin
CTO, Partner, Drone Pilot 
Frerich Kleyboldt
Business Developer, Drone Pilot, Camera Operator
Mario Kipper
Drone Pilot, Camera Operator, Editor
Kristopher Haber
Freelance Dronepilot, Camera Operator
Bernadette Gutheil
CLO, Aviation law, Permits
Good vibes, some barks

A → 002_ Tools

Beside the team our tools are the most important part to reliably deliver the highest standards in aerial videography.photography. videography. 360° | VR. streaming.

Inspire 3 + X9-8K Air (24, 35, 50mm lenses)
The Inspire 3 with its X9-8K Air camera replaced all heavylifters in our daily operations. Capable of delivering 8.1k in CineDNG RAW, it is on par with modern cine-cameras. This drone needs two operators and is capable of delivering unique perspectives with up to 120 frames per second in Cine4K.
Thicc + Red Komodo, Sony α1, Pana S1H, BGH1
Our Cinelifter - capable of lifting classic and box-style cine- and hybridcameras like the RED KOMODO, the magnificent Sony α1, S1H or BGH1 from Panasonic.
Chimera 7
Our Marathon-runner. The Chimera 7 is capable of flying long distances with high speeds. Our stabilized GoPro 11 footage delivers up to 5.3K in 60fps.
FPV Legend - Our go-to-tool for jobs demanding high maneuverability, fast speeds and blazing acceleration. Our stabilized GoPro 11 footage delivers up to 5.3K in 60fps.
Indoor FPV Drone - Our tool for tight gaps, precious objects, and in close proximity to people. Our stabilized GoPro 11 footage delivers up to 5.3K in 60fps.
Mavic 3 Cine
One-Man-Show. Although the camera angle is fixed in relation to the flight trajectory, the Mavic 3 Cine records up to 5.1K in Apple ProRes 422 HQ.

A → 003_ Clients

It is the outstanding work created by our team and tools that already convinced those clients to realise their projects with us